fredag den 25. juni 2010

It's time to go, we are ready

Yesterday, Thursday, we pitched tent for the first time, these anyway, two new ones from Fjallraven - two tents, each for four people.

Friday was spent preparing the last details. Breakfast was bought, muesli in different varieties. Every evening meal will consist of 4 - 5 bags of freeze dried food + aditional rice and pasta. Should be enough for the seven of us.

Our new cooking equipment was also tested. This is the first time we use propane; previously we've used alcohol. However, we've chosen to the propane solution to reduce weight.

Lastly, we packed everything. Each person is now solely responsible for carrying personal items such as sleeping bags, toothbrush etc. Furthermore, items that we all depend upon has been divided among us all. Two tents, two cooking apparatus, one rifle, one set of camera equipment, map, gps, first aid kit, 7 canisters of propane, 1,6 meter wooden pole to cross rivers, one flag, sun protection.

We are set to go. We leave for Eqaluit, some 55 kilometers east of Uummannaq tomorrow morning, 26th June, around 10 am. Ahead of us lies some 250 kilometers of Arctic wilderness. Can't wait.

We should reach Niaqornat in about 13-14 days.
All for now

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