The 2008 hike on the Nuussuaq Peninsula

In 2008 we hiked a 215 kilometer distance on the Nuussuaq Peninsula. René and I had discussed various routes for hiking the peninsula for some years. In the winter 2007/2008 final plans were made and supplies for six people for three weeks was ordered from Denmark, to arrive here in Uummannaq with the first supply ship after the winter.
The ship arrived at May 11th, and we spend many hours after work sorting clothes, boots, food and other supplies, to get everything ready, pretty much as we did here in 2010.
The planned route was to begin at Eqaluit, hike to the beach near Qeqertaq. Find passage to Saqqaq (another settlement), then hike up the Saqqaq valley, towards the lakes and river that runs in the centre of the peninsula, follow the water all the way to the west, where the river meets the sea. From here we were picked up by boat and sailed to Niaqornat (the western most settlement in the Uummannaq district), and from here we hiked to Qaarsut, the closest settlement to Uummannaq. In short a three legged trek.

Leg 1 - Eqaluit to Qeqertaq

Leg 2 - Saqqaq to Marrait (the end of the river)

Leg 3 - Niaqornat to Qaarsut