tirsdag den 6. juli 2010

Day 1, on our way...

We left Uummannaq at 11.30 in three small boats, heading East, towards Eqaluit, a place named for its abundance of salmon/trout - 'eqaluk'. Ahead was around 60 kilometers of open water and thousands of icebergs. The trip took a good hour.

It was a magnificant beginning of our journey.

We arrived at Eqaluit an hour later, and began the hike with a steep ascent, of around 200 meters.

After 3,5 kilometers we are in 350 meters. Soon we will have the last view of the fiord and its large ice cubes. The hike so far has been hard, especially for the children. It is a very rough beginning, with a full load on our backs. René and I (Lars) are each carrying around 45 kilos of food and equipment, the children somewhere between 25 and 30 kilos.
We need a break:

A drink of fresh meltwater...

A bite to eat...

At this early point in our hike, we had a bit of bad luck, so to speak. Hans' old injury in his left foot made it impossible for him to continue. We were still relatively close to the coast, so we telephoned (a satellite telephone is essential on this route) Boernehjemmet and they sent back Palu (a hunter) to pick up Hans down at the coast. However, as we had divided most of his equibment to the rest of us, the hike back down wasn't a problem.

Now it was time to continue along the road less travelled.

At around 6.30 pm we arrived back at our old campsite from two years ago. The rocks we used were still there, two rings - it was easy to pitch tent.

We had only walked 7 kilometers, however due the extreme terrain, steep ascent and heavy bags it was a good days walk.

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