tirsdag den 6. juli 2010

Day 3, the rock climb, passing 682 meters

We left the second campsite at around 9.30 am. From the site we pass the next two minor lakes to the right. There is a relatively easy rise up along a an old moraine, up another 50 meters. From there on we had to climb a huge area of large boulders.

From camp 2 the climb up the moraine and boulders took us up another 240 meters. At the top of the pass there is a small red hut, and 3 kilometers from campsite 2.
We took a brief break, and then continued - this time down, we were heading towards the 3rd campsite from our 2008 - hike.

Around the hut a there is lot of old rubbish. It's waste from winters, when hunters use the hut as a resting place, on their dogsledge route between Qeqertaq and Ikerasak, across the Nuussuaq Peninsula. It's a sad view.

From the hut we descend slowly down towards a still ice-covered lake, and pass it on the left. We make camp at 522 meters, close to a glacier.

During the evening and night rain fell and fog rose up through the valley. Another rock slide was heard.
We slept well, a bit nice to listen the falling drops of water.

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