tirsdag den 6. juli 2010

Day 5 - another day in the fog, continuing up

After the last 1½ day in fog and rain it was with antipation that we woke up and opened the tent. Fog was still here and we discussed what to do. We couldn't wait here. Food was a problem. We only had enough food for 14 days, probably 15 or 16 if we rationed what we have. However, we needed to press on. To stay in the tent, to wait out for the fog to lift. To save a bit of food we ate blueberry soup and instant rice for a late breakfast, leftovers from the last 2 days. After 'brunch' René hiked up in the fog, to do a bit of reconaissance. At a quarter to two, pm the fog had liftet enough for us to continue - with caution - upwards.

We approached 600 meters and though the fog seemingly was lifting, it was only for the first some 20 minutes. Up here the it was closing in fast, and navigation was more and more impossible. The ground gave way, - heavy mud.
Though we went through a bit of struggle, we pressed on for another hour.
In about650 meters we pitched tent again. Only 60 meters from what seemed a drop of about 20 meters. It was too risky to continue.
We had only covered a distance of 4 kilometers.

Wet from fog, and a bit tired from the hike, we ate and went to sleep in our sleeping bags.

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