tirsdag den 6. juli 2010

Day 4, crossing the first stream with rope

Heavy fog and rain had put a serious break to now daily starts. Around noon, however, there was a minor lift in the fog, and we decided to give it a shot. Tents bagpacks were packed and we descended further down, trying to find a suitaband le place to cross the first river. After 17 hours of rain, the river was more massive than yesterday, and it proved diffecult to find such a place. At 233 meters, we crossed it - very cold.

The stream was too powerfull for the children to cross without aid, so we used a a bit of rope.

From the river we turned west, and up again. However, during the hour it took the six of us to cross the river, boots of and on again, the fog had come back. Big swells rolled up from Boyes' Lake. We could just make our way up. On our way up we passed several splendid campsites - in fine weather that is. Perfect flat, no rocks and little streams of fresh water close by. We continued up through the fog, up until 515 meters, then we decided to pitch tent - navigation in the mountains became more and more impossible. But, we knew where we'd head tomorrow morning, fog permitting.

Before we crept into our sleeping bags, we had a feast of dinner in of the tents, while the fog descended ever more close.

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