tirsdag den 6. juli 2010

Day 2, towards the Majoriorssutsiup Qaqa massive

At 10 am, tents were down, bags packed and we continued on the trail. About 2,3 kilometers after the tent site we passed around a lake. As the lake feeds the great river Kuussuaq on its left bank, we walked on the right side of the lake. Great boulders along the right bank makes this part a tiny bit difficult. We walk in the zone between lake and land, almost jumping from rock to rock. After three hours hike, a tiny rest is needed.

From the lake we turn right, over a small pass, then a bit downwards, and before long we see and follow a reindeer trail. Makes the hike easy.
From time to time the terrain changes, and large areas of rocks appears. Easier to just cross them, than to walk around them.

After 9,7 kilometers of relatively easy hiking we pitch tent in 446 meters, just below the Majoriorssutsiup Qaqa massive, an impressive mountain of some 1100 meters.

At dinner time a rock slide made thunder in the valley. Huge rocks fell down from 800 or so meters down the slope. The rock slide set os minor avalanches in what snow was left on the mountain. Impressive forces of nature.

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